Hidden Risks with Rental Cars

There are generally two scenarios that prompt the need for a rental car, you’re traveling, or you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle crash. Putting the pieces together after a motor vehicle crash can be difficult. Aside from physical damages, there’s almost always financial and logistical issues to work out, like securing a rental car.

Recently, USA Today published an article outlining a hidden risk that may accompany your car rental. According to the report, using a vehicle’s Bluetooth system may put you at risk for identify theft.

Major rental-car companies have no policies to delete sensitive information collected during the trip once you return the car, according to a report from Privacy International supported by Consumer Watchdog and other groups.

“Your name and navigation history is valuable personal information,” the report says. “Combine this information with a bit of open source intelligence, such as social media profiles, and you can track down individuals.” – USA TODAY

If you’re renting a vehicle be sure to talk to the rental company about their privacy policies. And, as a reminder, you should never attempt to set up Bluetooth while driving, this is an easy way to become distracted behind the wheel and could easily cause a crash.