Free VA Healthcare for Combat Veterans

Important Information Veterans Should Know: A veteran who has other than a dishonorable discharge from the military and who served in a designated combat zone such as Iraq and Afghanistan, is entitled to FREE healthcare for ANY medical problems for a period of two (2) years beginning the day after discharge. With respect to combat-related special compensation, the veteran can receive both his/her military retired pay and VA compensation for service connected disabilities and the combat-related pay is tax free. To qualify, a veteran must: 1. Have 20 years of creditable military service or have been discharged medically; 2. Be receiving military retired pay; 3. have a VA-related injury rated as 10% or more and; 4. provide documentary evidence that the injuries resulted from service. For information, contact: Veterans who served in the Army–1-866-281-3254 Veterans who served in the Airforce–1-800-616-3775 Veterans who served in the Navy–1-877-366-2772