FRA Proposes Rule to Strengthen Oil-By-Rail Safety

Federal officials are taking steps to prevent deadly incidents similar to the one that occurred in 2013, when an unattended freight train shipping crude oil derailed and exploded in Quebec, killing 47 people.

The Federal Railroad Administration published a notice of proposed rulemaking that will aim to strengthen requirements to securing unattended freight trains. The rule would pertain to trains or vehicles that ship crude oil or other poisonous items that are flammable or combustible.

The measures in the rule include:

  • • To prevent trains or vehicles transporting these poisonous materials from being left unattended on a main track or side track unless railroads follow specific requirements.
  • • Ensure trains are secured by qualified workers and locks on all cars are secured.
  • • Include securement requirements.
  • • Have qualified workers perform additional inspections when emergency responders have been on the equipment.
  • • Install lock mechanisms on car doors and make quick repairs when necessary.

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