Finding the Right Car Crash Attorney, Client Experience Speaks for Itself

“After being involved in a car accident, I hired a different attorney . Several months went by and I had hardly even had contact with that said attorney and I felt very neglected, confused and frustrated. That’s when I decided to consult Finkelstein and Partners aka Jacoby and Meyers where David E Gross is an attorney specifically for personal injury and auto accident. From the moment I hired them as my legal representation they , he, did everything necessary to get me the compensation and outcome that I was entitled to being that I sustained injuries that required continued medical care. David Gross always took and or returned my calls in an attentive and respectful manner and in a timely manner. All of my questioned where addressed and answered and I was always made to feel that I, the client, was intitled (sic) to detailed information and answers regarding (sic) my particular case. I would absolutely recommend David to any and all of my friends, family or acquaintance that requires legal representation and compensation. Thank you Mr Gross for everything!” –Christyne