Does Your Workplace Have an Injury Free Culture?

Every day workers are hurt on the job, often at no fault of their own. Dekra Insight, an organization of safety consultants and business owners, suggests implementing the following 5 steps for an injury free culture. 

1. Establish Alignment & Ownership- this begins when leaders take ownership for safety outcomes and the conditions, climate, and culture that influence those outcomes. 

2. Challenge Helplessness- by sharing concerns about problems in your organization. 

3. Focus on Exposures- by exposing patterns of issues or safety threats, or potential threats. 

4. Expand Your Metrics Set- gauge how safe your environment is by considering a multitude of variables, scenarios, and conditions as oppose to just looking at data from past injuries. 

5. Engage Employees- an important task for employers. If your employer does not engage staff in a safety focused culture consider sharing information with them about the cost of workplace injury, or provide some simple ideas on how and where to begin introducing safety focused resolutions within the organization. 

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Source: Dekra Insight