Distracted Driving is Getting Worse in School Zones

School traffic and police officers across the country are saying there is a reason for concern now that children are back in school. According to a new study, distracted driving is actually getting worse in school zones.

According to WOWT NBC OMAHA, video cameras that captured several close calls on highways and in some cases, cars and trucks have driven through school bus’s lowered stop sign and flashing lights.

In 2013, two million more drivers passed school buses that were stopped with their stop-arm out and their lights flashing than they did in 2011.

A member of American Traffic Solutions, Charles Territo, set up cameras on buses and school zones to catch violators. According to him, it is helping to curb the issue in some neighborhoods, however, the numbers are still shocking.

According to American Traffic Solutions, more than a hundred children are killed and more than 25,000 children are injured every year as a result of accidents that occur during the process of getting to and from school.

Do you know the consequences for passing a stopped school bus? Find out now and please be cautious.