Deadly Black Widow Spiders Found in Grapes

A PA woman found a black widow spider in a bunch of grapes she purchased. Yvonne Whalen, of Monaghan, made the horrifying find while washing the fruit. The scary spider was one of the two hiding in the bunch. The other died after spending a week in the fridge. This is only one of the latest cases across multiple states. These kinds of spiders are dangerous due to their venom. The supermarket was notified to ensure no other customers left the store in this same situation. The chain sent her a gift card and pledged to be more diligent inspecting fruit. Spiders have been discovered in grapes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. It is not uncommon for the deadly creatures to be found in grapes. Black widows are immediately noticeable because they have a red mark on the back of their all-black bodies. They carry enough venom to cause problems for humans, and can even be fatal in some cases. We remind everyone to be extremely careful when purchasing fruits and other produce. Please carefully inspect your products before purchase! Contact us for a free case appraisal today. Learn more about this story.