Creating Safer Trails for Hudson Valley Hikers

A big thank you to Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail project partners for your efforts in enhancing and preserving the safety of local hiking trails. A recent announcement outlined plans to implement critical safety upgrades on and around Breakneck Ridge, a popular hiking destination in the Beacon/Cold Spring area. During a temporary closure numerous upgrades will be made, which include a restored trail, a pedestrian/bike path connecting the trailhead to the Breakneck Ridge Metro-North stop, and new parking (and no parking) areas along Route 9D.

Although some are disappointed by the news of the closure, the safety upgrades could play a major role in reducing injuries and deaths caused by fall downs on the trail (often referred to as the most strenuous hiking trail in the East Hudson Highlands).

A renewed focus on pedestrian safety and preventing pedestrian knockdowns is also vital. In addition to designated parking areas, upon completion the speed limit on Route 9D will be reduced from 55mph to 40mph.

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