County in New York State Creates Anti-Bullying Website

According to experts a key factor in preventing bullying is teaching children, teens, and parents how to identify bullying, and how to safely stand up to it. Nassau County recently signed a bill into law that will allow the County to create and operate an anti-bullying website.

The goal of the website is to provide residents with anti-bullying information, along with resources for adolescents and their families. Legislator Joshua Lafazan sponsored the bill.

“‘When a young person is being bullied, their families might not know where to turn or how to seek relief. This new website will ensure that critical, potentially life-saving resources are just a click away,’ Lafazan said. ‘I am deeply grateful to my colleagues for their support and proud to stand with County Executive Curran in this effort to make Nassau County schools safer places for all students to reach their maximum potential.’”

We applaud all New York State educators and community members who are working to put a stop to bullying in their communities. New York State residents can access more information about bullying at If you believe your child has experienced bullying please click here to learn more about New York State Anti-Bullying Laws and the options available to bullying victims.

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