Concerned Driver Helps Schenectady Police Prevent Tragic Outcome

On Monday, February 15th a concerned driver noticed a mini van that was reportedly driving erratically in the Scotia area. The concerned citizen followed the van to Schenectady, where the van finally pulled over in front of a YMCA day care center.

Police arrived at the scene to find the driver passed out behind the wheel, with the vehicle running and still in “drive.” The driver appeared to be under the influence of alcohol (an open alcoholic beverage was found in the vehicle).  If found guilty of DWI this will be the accused’s third DWI conviction.

The prompt actions of the police and other driver were instrumental in getting the drunk driver off the road before innocent people were injured. If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver please contact us today. We have multiple locations in the Schenectady area, including Albany, Syracuse, and Rochester.