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Cabs & Babies in NYC: How Does it Work?

Traveling in New York City with a baby can be quite challenging, especially when you hail a taxi. The question is, what about a car seat? How do I keep my baby safe?

Although the law doesn’t require you to use a car seat in a taxi or livery, it is extremely important to do so anyway. If you’re visiting NYC, you can always rent a car seat or bring yours with you, although that means lugging it around the city all day. A better option is to call one of the New York City car services that provide car seats upon request:

1. Uber: the new car service program, with an easy app, recently started offering car seats as part of its uberFAMILY plan. For a $10 surcharge, your car arrives with a car seat already installed.

2. Legends Limousine: Based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, this car service company offers both baby and toddler car seats for a $10 charge.

3. Empire Limousine: This cab company provides a range of car seats to booster seats for a $20 fee.

4. Eastern Car Service: offers infant and toddler car seats for $5 each.

5. Kid Car NY: this service is used for families and can be a bit more expensive than the other companies listed above. Drivers arrive in luxury minivans with a car seat specifically for your child’s height and weight. The option probably makes the most sense if you’re traveling with several young children. If you live in NYC, paying for a membership gets you discounts on rides.



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