Bullying Defined

Over the years bullying has become an increasingly pressing issue locally and nationally. If you or a loved one has been the subject of bullying it’s important to understand a few basic principles:

Any type of unwanted, abusive behavior is bullying. Examples include taunting, inappropriate sexual comments, threatening, spreading false rumors, blatant and intentional exclusion, or any type of physical behavior aimed to injure an individual or damage their property.

In most bullying situations there is an imbalance of power. Bullies often aim to control or harm others. They do so by using any advantage they may have, such as popularity, physical strength, and individual platforms (like blogs and social media pages).

The frequency of bullying ranges. In some cases bullying is a severe single occurrence intended to hurt someone physically or emotionally. More often, a key component of bullying is a series of events that, over time, creates an ongoing pattern of harassment

Can parents rely on school personnel when it comes to bullying? Generally speaking, the answer is no. According to School Psychology international, “In a survey of American middle and high school students, 66 percent of bullying victims believed that school personnel responded poorly when they saw children being bullied”. In most states school administrations are legally obligated to enforce bullying policies. Learn more about New York State Anti-Bullying policies here.

Steps to take if bullying has occurred: If you or a loved one have been a victim of bullying it’s extremely important to address the situation. If your child was bullied at school contact school administration and report the incident, request a copy of the school’s anti-harassment policy, and ask administrators for a plan of intervention. If your child’s school administration fails to properly address the issue a member of our Civil Rights Lawyers may be able to help you seek compensation. Our team of Civil Rights Lawyers have also successfully represented adults who fell victim to cyber bullying. Click here to contact us today.

Source: Stopbullying.gov, The Bully Action Guide: How to Help your Child and Get Your School to Listen -Edward F. Dragan, EdD