Brush Up On Your Fire Safety This Winter

More than 33% of fires occur in homes during December, January and February. Fire remains the major cause of death in the home, with young children and older adults most often the victims. Brush up on your fire safety this winter and keep your family safe!:

  • Have a skilled technician install all new equipment.
  • Have a qualified professional inspect your equipment annually.
  • Schedule regular cleanings of your boiler, hot water heater and furnace.
  • Clean your chimney annually or have it professionally cleaned.
  • Never burn charcoal indoors – burning charcoal inside can released carbon monoxide which can be lethal!
  • Kerosene and propane heaters are ILLEGAL in New York City! Do not keep one in your home for your own safety.
  • Make sure to remove lint from your dryer after ever load is complete. A built up of lint in the dryer is a major fire hazard.
  • Space heaters should be placed 3 feet away from any curtains, walls, blankets or any other flammable materials.
  • Use only electric blankets that have the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) mark.
  • Throw away any damaged or old electrical cords.
  • Check your carbon monoxide battery AND your fire alarm battery regularly!
  • Blow out any candles before you go to bed or leave the house.

Follow the above safety tips to keep your family safe during the cold months! If your or a loved one has been seriously injured in a fire-related accident due to the negligence of another, contact us for help today. Get more fire safety tips.