Veterans Services

Our Veterans' Services Group (VSG) has helped another deserving Veteran.  The Veteran served in the US Army during the Gulf War from 1989-1992.  He had been unable to secure employment and came to our firm on the verge of homelessness.  The VSG handled his matter pro bono and secured him monthly pension benefits which will keep him sheltered.  Great job VSG! 

Paying tribute to nation's veterans

Please join the Finkelstein & Partners team and our dedicated Veterans’ Services Group in remembering the brave men and women who sacrificed everything to protect our great nation. 

The Finkelstein & Partners Veterans’ services group is a team of experienced and compassionate Veterans’ advocates and VA accredited attorneys who specialize in obtaining disability compensation benefits for Veterans and their families.

From Near Internment to the United States Senate.  Dan Inouye, a Japanese American, placed in an internment camp after the attack on Pearl Harbor, enlisted in the US Army, earned a Purple Heart, Medal of Valor and ultimately a Medal of Honor, and went on to serve as a US Senator for Hawaii for 50 years.  Read more here:

By Annette Boyle: Despite significant progress in expanding hospice and palliative care options within the VA, Medicare regulations continue to keep many dual-enrolled veterans from having the option of receiving disease-modifying treatment while receiving hospice.

By Andrew Tilghman: A high-level federal court on Friday delivered a blow to the rights of military reservists. The case involved a Navy reservist who claimed that his civilian employer fired him because he was mobilized and deployed to Afghanistan, a violation of federal laws designed to protect reservists from discrimination based on their military service. But Kevin Ziober lost his case before the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, one step below the U.S.

By NIKKI WENTLING – For the next five years, veterans will have an easier time seeking benefits for illnesses linked to service in the Gulf War because of an extension issued Monday by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Since 1994, the VA has automatically presumed a connection from Gulf War service, which included a toxic environment of oil fires and chemical weapons, to an increased risk for several illnesses.

By Patricia Kime:  Veterans can now apply for Veterans Affairs health benefits over the phone.  The VA published a final regulation on Monday that allows former service members to complete VA health care applications by calling 877-222-8387.  Read more here:

By Rebecca Kheel: A bipartisan group of nine lawmakers joined with leading veterans groups Tuesday to call for the final version of a defense policy bill to include language aimed at making it easier for veterans who were discharged for behavior related to mental health issues to upgrade their discharges.  Read more here: