Safety Tips

In just a few short weeks you’ll be sending your little ones off to school. Before the new school year begins, start practicing and talking about safety tips and guides.

Take your children on a walk, or if you have teenagers, go on a walk together. Does your child walk with their head down, playing a game or texting? Now is the time to address this behavior. Why is this so important?

Pokemon go

The Pokemon craze swept across the US in the late 90’s and achieved a massive following, reaching fans through film, a television series, children’s games, and video games. Eventually, the successful brand, like most fads, hit its peak and its fan base began to dissipate. Until very recently the once beloved fictional characters seemed all but forgotten about.

Today’s graduates

Today’s graduates live in a world with more opportunities and dangers than we could have ever imagined, but, with change comes possibility. Parents and teens, take a moment to consider what we knew then and what we know now, and ask yourself, ‘why shouldn’t this generation have a safer future than ever before?'.  

Tips on safe celebration

This past weekend, and in the weeks to come high school seniors from New York and all across the United States will be celebrating the first of many lifetime achievements: high school graduation. 

This exciting time is also a dangerous time for teens. According to the National Safety Council, the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the deadliest days for teen drivers. 

A Schenectady, New York family was almost swindled into sending hundreds of dollars to a scam artist disguised as Schenectady, NY landlord. 

The victim found a lovely three bedroom home for rent posted on Craigslist. The “landlord” responded to the victim’s inquires with instructions to wire $700 and in turn the keys would be sent via Fed Ex. 

Three generations of an Oklahoma family celebrated together this holiday season, all in seemingly good health. 

Nobody knew that approximately six days prior one of the youngest family members, a 2 year old girl, had consumed a battery the size of a button. 

The family was unaware something was wrong until the little girl began vomiting blood. Eventually her body turned blue and she was rushed to a local hospital. 

Woman in car

In a recent car seat safety study conducted by the director of Oregon’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Tom Sargent Safety Center, researchers found that out of the ~300 randomly selected new mothers “virtually none” were able to properly install a car seat.

The study showed an alarmingly high number of mothers were inadvertently putting their newborns at grave risk for injury:


In the early hours of Saturday, December 5th thousands of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey residents were affected by a sudden power outage.

The outage wiped out power in approximately 52,000 homes and businesses throughout the three states. According to Orange & Rockland Utilities (the power provider in the areas affected) malfunctioning equipment caused the wide-spread outage.