Safety Tips

Tips for safe driving

On Saturday, January 7th 1-91 was closed down between Middletown and Wethersfield for close to 6 hours. According to officials a crash involving over 20 vehicles occurred just after 1:00pm. 

The crash, which involved three trucks and nearly 20 other vehicles, resulted in 10 known injuries. According to a local news station, Connecticut State Police responded to more than 100 crashes on Saturday alone.  

Workplace violations

Every year OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) publishes the year’s top 10 most cited workplace violations. The list offers important insights into what causes workplace injury, and what each of us can do to prevent injury. You may be surprised to find that even those who perform relatively “safe jobs” are in fact still at risk for serious injury. 

Top 10 violations:

Holiday safety tips

Holiday related injuries sent nearly 15,000 people to emergency rooms in November and December in 2014. The National Safety council suggests keeping the following in mind as you rush to finish last minute decorating and shopping:

• When hanging the last of the décor be sure to enlist the assistance of a helper, fall down injuries from ladders can be painful and difficult to recover from. 

Safety campaign

Did you know trucks can take 40% longer to stop than other vehicles? They also typically weigh 20 to 30 times more that passenger vehicles. Trucks also have larger blind spots and usually cannot maneuver roads with the ease of those in automobiles.   It’s no wonder that these massive moving machines can quickly create dangerous situations on the roads, but what about those of us in smaller vehicles, what part do we play in preventing truck crashes?

Caution in parking lots

Just before black Friday the National Safety Council (NSC) released the alarming results of a nationwide poll. According to the NSC 2/3 of participants reported they would engage in phone calls while driving through parking lots. Over half of all participants reported they would text in parking lots. These results should serve as a red flag to pedestrians and drivers. 

Talking about clown craze

Up until this summer ‘clown safety’ was an unlikely topic of conversation. The clown craze first gained attention when South Carolina residents reported predators dressed as clowns tried to lure kids into the woods with large sums of money. Merrimack College, a Massachusetts school, began their semester with a ‘shelter in place’ warning for over a half hour while a dorm was evacuated due to a social media report citing an armed clown on campus.