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Child Passenger

The National Safety Council reports half of all children killed each year in car accidents are either unrestrained or improperly restrained. September 17th-September 23rd has been designated as Child Passenger Safety Week. We hope all parents use this time to review their current car seat's functionality, direction, location, and installation.

Here is a safety snapshot provided by the National Safety Council:



If you live in or around the Kingston area you are probably well aware of Kingston High School’s $137.5 million dollar renovation project (approved in December 2013) that is still underway. At a recent Board of Education meeting, the separation of students and construction work was discussed.

baby safety

During the month of September safety groups throughout the country will be promoting baby safety, focusing this year on the importance of properly using straps on all juvenile products.

Falls are the number one cause of non-fatal injuries for all young children, and one of the easiest ways to prevent a fall is by properly utilizing safety straps.

client feedback

While we are certainly proud of the monetary awards we have achieved for our clients, we are just as proud of the care and compassion we bring to each case/client. Below is recent client feedback:

“[The] staff is very professional, yet approachable- not intimidating or condescending.”

Motor vehicle accident

Being in a motor vehicle accident can be a frightening and traumatic event. As in all life events that happen without warning, the most important tip is to stay calm and assess what is going on around you. If there are injuries, no matter how small, call 911 first. Many soft tissue injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries, do not seem serious when they first happen.

construction workers

When hiring a contractor the owner of the property must ensure the working environment is safe – even when the property owner does not direct or supervise the work. Our client was seriously injured while working on a property in High Falls, NY. A Warren County jury enforced the New York Labor Law with a verdict in our client’s favor. Click here to continue reading.

technology and trucking affects

Automotive technology is constantly evolving, as is the motivation behind new designs, models, and features. While most motorists have gotten used to some of the features implemented in new model cars, many are unaware of how technology has effected the large-scale commercial trucks we share the road with.

Here are some features added to some large trucks, like 18-wheelers, that could very well effect you: