During the summer months, it’s common for students to seek out internships and other jobs to gain experience or earn a little extra money. However, during these months, workplace safety training for student employees is often overlooked.

Too much sun can be extremely harmful to your baby or child. They can sunburn in only 15 minutes depending on the UV index value. If the UV index is low (from 0-2), the risk of getting too much sun is fairly low. If the UV index is between 3 and 7, you need to put lots of protection on your child.

Already this year, at least 9 children have died after being left alone in a hot car. According to the National Safety Council, these numbers are expected to rise.

Since 1998, it is estimated that at leas 615 heatstroke deaths of children left in vehicles have occurred, according to San Francisco’s State University’s Department of Geosciences. That is an average of 38 deaths per year. More than half of these children are under the age of 2.

An eight-month old baby is the sixth child to suffocate in the Nap Nanny Recliner. The child, from New Jersey, was secured by a belt and was found partly hanging over the side of the baby-napping device, trapped between the recliner and a crib bumper.

The U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission is warning parents to stop using the product immediately. The recliner was recalled last summer after 92 incidents, including 5 infants deaths dating back to 2009.