A young driver lost control of his vehicle on Sunday, April 3rd in East Fishkill. According to authorities the 18-year old driver hit a tree on Sandy Pines Boulevard.

The driver was transported to a Poughkeepsie area hospital with a serious head injury. 

Authorities have yet to determine what caused the crash. Local police ask that anyone with information contact East Fishkill Police: 845-221-2111.

Let’s assume you’re one of the many drivers on the road who loathe the sight of a distracted driver, i.e. that guy in the truck drifting in and out of lanes while texting, or the mom in the minivan with one eye on the road and one on her phone, or teenage driver cruising along snapping selfies. 

A recent New York Times article sheds like on a topic this firm is all too familiar with, teen drivers and the dangers they face (and present) when behind the wheel. 

Every day car crashes result in an average of 6 teenage fatalities, more than cancer, suicide, and all other accident types (Data from the Center for Disease Control). 

A young man narrowly escaped serious injury after a major car crash on Sunday, March 6th. The accident occurred in Queensbury, New York. Queensbury is a relatively small town in Warren County, located north of Saratoga and south of Lake George.

The Hudson River runs through the south side of Queensbury, and on Sunday evening was the location of a serious single vehicle crash. The driver, a 25 year old man crashed into the Hudson after losing control of his vehicle.

Distracted driving is an epidemic that has resulted in countless injuries and fatalities both here in New York and throughout the Country. NY Law enforcement agencies have taken numerous steps to stop distracted drivers from hurting themselves and others.

On March 6th State Police in Long Island used innovative measures to apprehend a driver who was not only distracted but drunk as well.