Before You Take Your Kids Out Sledding, Think Safety

As lawsuits mount along with injuries to children, some towns are banning sledding!

Last year, an 11-year-old girl was sledding down a hill outside her home when she slammed into a picnic table. Her accident was so severe that she lost a kidney and half of her spleen, as well as puncturing a lung. She is not the only one. Every year, 20,000 children are sent to emergency rooms with sledding injuries.

The National Safety Council offers simple tips for safe sledding this season:

Location, Location, Location

Find a hill that is not too steep and there are no obstructions at the bottom – no trees, no fences, and definitely no traffic.

Choose the Proper Sled

Sledding can be fun but dangerous if the proper sled isn’t used for the proper position. If your child wants to go down head first, choose a sled that allows you to steer in the front. Better yet, don’t let them go head first at all!

Wear a Helmet

Always equip your children with the proper safety gear. A helmet is extremely important!

Never Let Your Children Sled Alone

Always go sledding with your child or make sure an adult is with them.

Be sure to follow these simple tips while sledding this winter to ensure a safe and fun-filled day!