Before you DIY

Tackling a DIY project is both fun and rewarding, but could it be dangerous? The short answer-yes. Inexperienced crafters, builders, and D.I.Y.ers should remember trained and experienced construction workers are hurt on the job every single day, often while working on seemingly basic tasks. So, before you DIY keep the following in mind:

When using a ladder: According to ladders cause roughly 130,000 injuries every year. “Factors that contribute to ladder falls, according to the American Ladder Institute, include haste, sudden movement, lack of attention, the condition of the ladder (worn or damaged), the user’s age and physical condition and footwear.” Here’s the important take away: ladders can be dangerous, it only takes one wrong movement for your project and your health to seriously suffer.

When handling sharp or heavy objects: It may seem like common sense, but it’s not unusual for DIYers to work while distracted, perhaps he/she is using the help of online instructions, working with a friend, or simply trying to do too much at once. Becoming distracted and accidently cutting or crushing a limb is something anyone tackling an at-home project should be cautious of.  It’s crucial to remain focused and organized, this will help to reduce to the likelihood of injury.

Know when to contact an expert: Some tasks are best left to the experts. Electrical tasks, plumbing work, tree removal (depending on the size and location), and any sort of work with harsh chemicals should most likely be left to a seasoned professional.