Barbara Bedell: Incomplete press releases tend to pile up

As with many things in our lives, it’s either feast or famine with press releases and provided photos. When the piles get too high on my desk, it’s time to do a little weeding out.

Quite a few press releases are incomplete, with a name or two missing. Some photos have people with their eyes closed, or came too late (that means the column is done and there’s no way I can add to it), or may not pertain to our circulation area, or may be inappropriate. At least if there was a phone number or an email address included, I could contact the sender, but often there’s no contact information at all. You’d be surprised how some people send news releases.

State Sen. Bill Larkin, left, visits with Andrew Finkelstein, a partner in the law firm with the same name, during the Orange Partners in Justice program. Also pictured are Barbara Finkelstein, and Paul Adler, regional manager of Rand Commercial.

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