Baby Suffocates in Nap Nanny Infant Recliner That Was Recalled Last Year

An eight-month old baby is the sixth child to suffocate in the Nap Nanny Recliner. The child, from New Jersey, was secured by a belt and was found partly hanging over the side of the baby-napping device, trapped between the recliner and a crib bumper.

The U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission is warning parents to stop using the product immediately. The recliner was recalled last summer after 92 incidents, including 5 infants deaths dating back to 2009.

The dangers of the product are when the baby gets trapped or when the baby suffocates on the inside of the product.

We urge parents and caregivers to stop using this product immediately consider the dangers. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as a result of a defective or recalled product, contact our firm for a  free consultation today.

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