Attention Holiday Shoppers: Take Caution in Parking Lots

Just before black Friday the National Safety Council (NSC) released the alarming results of a nationwide poll. According to the NSC 2/3 of participants reported they would engage in phone calls while driving through parking lots. Over half of all participants reported they would text in parking lots. These results should serve as a red flag to pedestrians and drivers. 

Every year parking lot crashes result in more than 60,000 injuries and 500+ deaths.  It’s likely the influx of distracted drivers will cause a spike in these figures. 

Texting is a well recognized form of distracted, but many are unaware that the following actions are also potentially dangerous distractions:

• Programing or adjusting a GPS

• Adjusting the radio

• Using social media/email

• Taking photos

• Using a smartwatch

• Eating/drinking

• Talking on the phone

• Talking to passengers

• Outside objects or events

• Using or lighting a cigarette or e-cigarette

Weather you’re behind the wheel or on foot please exercise additional caution this holiday season.  The number of injuries and deaths caused by distraction is climbing, don’t be part of the statistics, remain distraction free. Click here to pledge to drive distraction free today.