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Are You Ready if a Storm Were to Hit Tomorrow?

Winter weather can be treacherous. Snowstorms can look beautiful but can have devastating effects. Make sure your family is ready for a snowstorm with these simple tips:

Keep an eye on the forecast: make sure you know what the weather looks like for the week ahead. Do you have plans that need to be cancelled? Is there a “winter storm warning” scheduled for tomorrow?

Pet safety: make sure your pets are warm when you are not home. Keep them INSIDE and do not leave them outside for extended periods of time.

Create a winter emergency kit: during winter storms, stores may be closed or inaccessible. Here are some simple tips on what to keep in your winter emergency kit.

Prepare for power outages: winter storm winds can be strong and can sometimes cause power outages. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for a power outage before it is too late.

Compile a winter emergency car kit: winter storms can sometimes leave you stranded in your vehicle, so it’s important to have a winter emergency car kit. This includes items such as a snow shovel, cell phone charger, food, water, and blankets.

Know where to get help: individuals who rely on electricity for medical equipment or receive in-home medical care should contact their health care providers and electric companies to learn about available options and services in case of a power outage or winter storm.

Have a safe and healthy winter season and make sure to take proper precautions to avoid serious injuries!


Andrew Finkelstein

Mr. Finkelstein is the Managing Partner of Finkelstein & Partners, LLP. He has become a noted consumer activist through his representation of injured individuals against corporate wrongdoers and irresponsible parties. An accomplished litigator, Mr. Finkelstein has represented Plaintiffs in wrongful death and catastrophic personal injury cases. He has successfully handled dozens of multi-million dollar cases.