Are You One of These Drivers?

“So why are so many people scared to fly, while so many other people are willing to drive and text at the same time?” Ken Kolosh, the Manager of the Statistics Department of the National Safety Council, posed this question in a recently published blog titled, “The Real Risks Are All Around Us“.

The blog explores the disconnect between what people are afraid of, and what situations are actually likely to cause real harm or even death. One obvious example being many people are afraid of flying, however very few people are afraid of driving or being in a car. But, as Ken’s blog states, the likelihood of dying in an airplane crash is one in 9,737, whereas the odds of dying in a car crash is one in just 113.

“The reality is, people get comfortable over time with some risks. Driving is something many of us do every day, and we’ve grown at ease with it, despite the fact that 38,000 people a year die on our roadways. Bee hives or electrical storms, meanwhile, are far less common and therefore provoke greater stress, despite the fact that bee stings and lightning combined kill fewer people in a year than the nation’s roads kill in a day.”   Ken Kolosh

Many agree today’s drivers are too comfortable taking risks that are known causes of automobile crashes, like texting and driving and even drinking and driving. Every day innocent people are hurt and killed by drivers who are too comfortable and make poor decisions on the road. If you or a loved one have been hurt in an automobile crash contact us today.