Another VSG Win!

Veteran Granted 50% service connection for PTSD! The Veteran served honorably in the Army National Guard during Operation Desert Storm. He developed PTSD due to in service stressors. He made a claim with the VA for PTSD which was denied in October of 2008 despite the fact that a VA physician diagnosed him with PTSD. The VA denied the claim because he was not diagnosed by a “qualified” psychiatrist. He made a claim to reopen which was denied in October of 2009. The Veteran sought our assistance. A notice of disagreement was filed, additional evidence was submitted and the Veteran received a rating decision granting him 50% service connection with an effective date of October 2008. He will receive approximately $37,000 in retro benefits and will continue to receive monthly benefits going forward. Congratulations to all! (Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome)