Another VSG Win! Vietnam Combat Veteran gets 100% service connection for PTSD after Long wait

The Veteran served in the U.S. Army from 1967-1969. During that time, he saw heavy combat, witnessed horrors and was wounded. He developed PTSD after his Honorable Discharge. By the time he came to us, he had been denied an increased rating for PTSD several times. This, despite the fact that he had been hospitalized by the VA for a period of time after having suicidal tendencies. VSG handled his claim and this Veteran was just awarded 100% service connection for PTSD, Total and Permanent, retroactive to March of 2010. The veteran will receive approximately $68,000.00 in retroactive benefits and, going forward, will receive monthly compensation for PTSD based upon the 100% rating. Another victory for the good guys! (Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome)