F&P’s VSG was successful in assisting a Veteran obtain over $209,000 in benefits! The Veteran served honorably during the Vietnam Era and was granted service connection for post traumatic stress disorder in December 1989. He came to us for assistance after the VA denied him service connection for lumbar disc disease and nerve damage of the right lower extremity that resulted from a helicopter crash during his active service, and an increased rating for his post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Instead of granting the increase, the VA proposed to reduce the Veteran’s disability rating from 50 to 30 percent. The VSG filed an appeal for the Veteran, which it took all the way to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. Not only did the VSG help to prevent the reduction of benefits, but we also fought for the ultimate grant of service connection for the Veteran’s lumbar spine disability and radiculopathy of the right lower extremity, an increased rating of 70 percent for the Veteran’s PTSD, and a grant of a total disability rating based on the Veteran’s individual unemployability back to January 24, 2007.  Justice has been served for this worthy veteran.