Another Fatal Motorcycle Crash in the Capital Region

On June 9th multiple lanes were closed on the Thruway in Bethlehem, New York after a motorcycle and tractor trailer collided between exit 22 and exit 23. 

The cause of the crash, which occurred in northbound lanes, has yet to be determined. Thursday’s crash marks the 6th fatal motorcycle crash in the Capital Region this year. 

A number of this year’s Capital Region motorcycle crashes were caused by motorist violations, like failure to yield. 

A group of motorcyclists are fighting for stricter laws, including Creto’s & Kade’s Law:

“Motorcyclist along with bicyclist, pedestrians and several other users of the highway should be considered as “vulnerable users” of the highway. Creto’s/Kade’s Law looks to hold motor vehicle operators accountable for blatantly committing moving violations (57 of them) of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law that result in the death of a motorcyclist or a passenger on a motorcycle.”

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