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Agent Orange Update

The VA has just released an updated list of of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships associated with military service in Vietnam and possible exposure to Agent Orange based on military records. This evolving list will help Veterans who served aboard ships, including “Blue Water Veterans,” find out if they may qualify for presumption of herbicide exposure. Veterans must meet VA’s criteria for service in Vietnam, which includes aboard boats on the inland waterways or brief visits ashore, to be presumed to have been exposed to herbicides. Veterans who qualify for presumption of herbicide exposure are not required to show they were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides when seeking VA compensation for diseases related to Agent Orange exposure. Find Your Ship Ships or boats that were part of the Mobile Riverine Force, Inshore Fire Support (ISF) Division 93 or had one of the following designations operated on the inland waterways of Vietnam. Veterans whose military records confirm they were aboard these ships qualify for presumption of herbicide exposure. During your Vietnam tour, did your ship or boat have one of the following designations? LCM (Landing Craft, Mechanized) LCU (Landing Craft, Utility) LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) LST (Landing Ship, Tank) PBR (Patrol Boat, River) PCF (Patrol Craft, Fast or Swift Boat) PG (Patrol Gunboat) WAK (Cargo Vessel) WHEC (High Endurance Cutter) WLB (Buoy Tender) WPB (Patrol Boat) YFU (Harbor Utility Craft) Alphabetized Ship List If your vessel is not included in the Mobile Riverine Force, ISF Division 93 or above designations, check VA’s Alphabetized Ship List.

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