5 Tips for Traveling Back from the Holidays

You may be heading back to the city from your holiday festivities. Check out these safety tips for heading home from your holiday destination: 

1. Avoid High Travel Days: the day after Christmas tends to be a pretty busy traffic day but since it is on a Thursday this year, traveling might be dispersed over the weekend.

2. Leave Early: It might be a good idea to head home early from your holiday destination, as there tends to be less travel in the morning and if snow is on its way it’s better to beat it than get stuck in it.

3. Watch Out for Drunk Drivers: There still may be some intoxicated drivers on the road, depending on what time you leave. Be alert and cautious of other drivers around you.

4. Pack Presents in Shopping Bags: Pack all gifts in shopping bags or garbage bags and put them in the trunk so items do not projectile in the event of a crash.

5. Break Up Your Travels: If you have far to go, try breaking up your driving time by either booking a hotel on your route or stopping to rest at a few service areas along the way. Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous! 1 in 25 drivers fall asleep behind the wheel, according to the CDC.