5 Completely Wrong Ways to Drive in the Rain

Some bad driving habits, ones that don’t cause trouble when the road is dry, are so deeply ingrained that it’s awfully hard to get rid of them when it rains. Here’s a quick list of driving habits you should get rid of when driving in the rain!:

1.Don’t Drive Toward the Sides of the Road: roads are constructed so that they are highest in the middle. The difference is slight, but it causes water to run off the center hump and drain toward the edges. Therefore, it is important to not drive on the side or close to the shoulder of the road when it is down pouring to avoid hydroplaning.

.Don’t Leave Headlights Off – But Don’t Makes Them Too Bright: Be considerate on the road and don’t use your brights when traveling in the rain. You need your headlights so other cars will see you, but refrain from using your brights if other drivers are around you.

3.Don’t Drive if the Windshield is So Covered with Rain That You Can’t See!: Never drive if the rain is so heavy that you cannot see even with your windshield wipers on high. If you find yourself stuck in this situation before reaching your destination, go slow and put on your flashers if necessary.

4.Don’t Drive Through Deep Water on the Road: If you see water flowing across a road from one side to the other and don’t know how deep it is, don’t take any chances. Don’t drive across it! Take another route if you can. If you can’t see the bottom of the puddle, don’t attempt to drive across it. There may be a large pothole or objects fallen from a truck or other car that may damage your tires. Stop a safe distance away from the water’s edge and find a way around it if possible.

5.Take it Slow in Poor Conditions: Don’t try speeding in heavy rainfall! Take it slow so you can see what is clearly ahead of you. If you must, turn on your flashers and go as slow as you need to go to get to your destination safely!

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