3 Seconds Could Save Your Life

If you’re a Dutchess County resident you’re probably familiar with Route 9, a state highway that boasts miles of strip malls, eateries, and businesses. The close proximity between businesses is particularly convenient for shoppers but makes for challenging driving conditions. Motorists often fly down the road racing to get to the next red light.

From the windows of the Finkelstein & Partners Wappinger’s Falls location, which is centrally located on Route 9, we see motorists trailing behind each other with virtually no space in-between. As mentioned above Route 9 is lined with traffic lights and intersections throughout. It’s not uncommon for motorists who’ve neglected to leave enough room between vehicles to cause serious collisions. 

So what is “enough room”?

According to Smartmotorist.com during daylight hours and on reasonably quiet roads drivers should use the 3 second rule to gauge if there’s enough distance between the vehicle in front of them. As car 1 passes a fixed object count to 3. There should be 3 seconds between when vehicle 1 and vehicle 2 passes. 

On roads like Route 9 it’s actually better to use a six second rule for added safety. 

If you’re guilty of tailgating (following a vehicle too closely) please consider using the 3 or 6 second rule- you very well could save a life. Please help us make our Dutchess County streets safer by sharing this post with anyone in your life who tailgates. 

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a reckless driver contact us today.