25 Year Old Cyclist Biking Across the U.S. Dies in Auto Collision

Patrick Wanninkohf tragically died late last month in western Oklahoma. Patrick, a 25 year old Bronx, NY resident was part of a team of cyclists riding across America to raise money for affordable housing. 

According to authorities, a female driver crashed into the cyclists, killing Patrick and wounding another. She admitted to police she was distracted at the time of the incident, looking at her phone instead of the road. 

Several years ago Finkelstein & Partners launched “Commit to Quit,” a public service campaign urging drivers to put the phone down when behind the wheel. Every day innocent people are victimized as a result of distracted drivers. 

Tragic accidents can be prevented by committing to quit. For more information, click hereIf you or a loved one has been hurt by a distracted driver, contact us today.