2017 Summer Blood Drive

The New York Blood Center is currently experiencing an Emergency Blood Shortage, we are ready to answer the call.

All presenting donors will receive an exclusive summer t-shirt AND a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! Do it for the shirt, do it for the ice cream, do it for our friends and neighbors that may need the life-saving blood that we donate.

Sign up today, meet us in our Newburgh parking lot on Friday July 14th and be a life saver. Click here to make an appointment.

Everyone can join in with this drive, just find a nearby location within 3 days of July 14th, present our group name and # 12017 and donate locally at your convenience. We will get your shirt and ice cream to you.  

For questions about eligibility to donate due to travel outside the U.S., medications or medical conditions, click here or call 1-800-688-0900.

Note*  Due to concerns about Zika virus, people who have traveled to any country on the list here may not donate until 28 days or more after returning to the United States.

For information about the Donor Advantage Program, please visit www.mydonoradvantage.com.