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$1.75 Million Settlement : Union Worker Suffers Brain Injury

While on a road construction job site on Route 84 in Brewster, our 62-year-old client, a union ironworker, was hit by a piece of iron that came loose while it was being lifted by a crane. The crane crew improperly secured the iron and the load came loose during the hoist. We successfully held the owner of the property accountable under Labor Law 240. Fortunately, our client was wearing his hard hat because the falling iron struck and cracked his helmet. The crack caused a significant cut requiring 12 stitches. The blow to his head resulted in a traumatic brain injury causing problems with his concentration and memory. He also injured his neck and required surgery. After several years of litigation by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein & David Gross, the case was settled at mediation by Trial Attorney Sharon Scanlan for $1,750,000.