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Concussion Results in $500,000 Settlement

85% of people who suffer a concussion make a full and complete recovery.  The other 15% are often called the miserable minority.  Unfortunately our client makes up part of the 15% who never fully recover from a concussion after being in a car crash with a distracted driver.   After a brief loss of consciousness after the distracted driver hit our client in the rear on Route 9 in Putnam County, he began having memory problems.  Gradually, our client started to demonstrate mood and behavioral changes too.  His marriage started suffering.  His co-workers were helping him more than ever at his job.  Everyone saw a major change in his personality and the injury was confirmed by our expert neuropsychologist.  The insurance company defense was that our client was a liar, cheat and a fraud.  However, the insurance company must not have truly believed in their defense because right before jury selection they offered $500,000 to settle.  The case was handled by Managing Attorney David Gross, Trial Partner Ron Rosenkranz and Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein.