Albany Nursing Home Pays $400,000 For Bedsore

While fighting prostate cancer, our 85-year-old client became too weak to remain home during his care. His son and daughter made the difficult choice to temporarily move him to a Capital District nursing home. Unfortunately, they did not know the nursing home was understaffed and their Dad’s care was being neglected. There simply were not enough certified nursing assistants to regularly turn and re-position him and he developed a sacral bedsore. What made it worse is the nursing home hid the injury from our client’s son and daughter. The bedsore got so bad our client had to be hospitalized. The hospital staff told our client’s children, who hired Finkelstein & Partners, to hold the nursing home accountable. Ultimately, the nursing home agreed to settle the case for $400,000. The case was handled by Partner Mary Ellen Wright and Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein.