$850,000 Settlement : Defective Stairs

While working at a NYC hotel performing routine maintenance on the elevators, our client was told to use the interior stairs to the basement. While walking down, the edge of the concrete step broke away causing him to fall down the stairs. Property owners are responsible for defective conditions they either know about or should know about and it was a challenge proving the hotel should have known the old set of stairs were on the cusp of breaking.  The hotel’s insurance company fought the case by asking the Court to dismiss it because they had no notice of the condition.  We argued the hotel violated Labor Law 241(6) requiring the property owner provide a safe place to go up and down stairs and these stairs violated the regulation.  The Court agreed with our argument.  Our client suffered injuries to his low back and shoulder and was out of work approximately 8 months.  The case ultimately settled for $850,000 by Trial Attorney Sharon Scanlon while working with Managing Attorney David Gross.