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$495,000 Settlement : Drunk Driver Forced to Pay

If you drive impaired and cause a crash, there will be consequences.   State Route 9N in Greenfield, New York in Saratoga County is a busy road.   Our investigation found a witness who was following a driver who was driving erratically, until she crossed one too many times and struck our client head on.   The drunk driver was ticketed for DWI.  Our client, who lost consciousness, was an EMT.  Since he did not break any bones, he opted not to go to the hospital.   After sleeping the whole next day, he started to develop severe headaches – just what he didn’t need since he had several prior concussions when he worked as a paramedic at a ski slope.   Ultimately he was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).   The insurance company eventually agreed to settled the case for $495,000.  The case was handled by Partners David Gross and Trial Partner Ken Fromson.