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$450,000 Settlement : No Cones While Mopping

Janitorial service companies must require their janitors prominently place cones outside bathroom doors when they choose to mop floors in the middle of the day.   When janitors are not provided with cones and they mop tile bathroom floors, they have created a trap for unsuspecting people simply waling in to use the bathroom. That is exactly what happened at an office building located at 830 Third Avenue in New York City. When our client walked into the bathroom at work, there were no cones or warnings that the bathroom floor had just been mopped. On her second step into the bathroom, her foot slipped out, causing her to fall on her side. The fall resulted in her breaking her upper arm and she needed surgery. Initially, she hired a New York City personal injury law firm who seemed to be dragging their feet, so she hired Finkelstein & Partners to take over the case. Once we did, we started the lawsuit in Manhattan against the janitorial service company right away. After deposing the janitor who had just mopped the floor that day and learning he was not provided with the cones necessary to warn people, the insurance company asked to mediate the case. Ultimately the case settled at a mediation for $450,000. Managing Attorney David Gross and Trial Attorney Sharon Scanlon handled the case.