$4,000,000 Recovered for Box Truck Driver Who Hits Disabled Truck In Rear

On a November afternoon our client was driving his box truck on Route 84 in Putnam County when he came upon a broken-down truck in the right-hand lane. The disabled truck had an electrical malfunction, and the flashers were inoperable. The driver of the broken-down truck failed to put out he required cones warning drivers the truck was immovable. Our client saw the truck in the distance and there were no clues the truck was disabled. As he was traveling down Route 84, our client was checking his rear-view mirror and for vehicles in the passing lane. Once he realized the broken-down truck was in fact not moving at all it was too late. The front of our client’s truck hit the rear of the broken-down truck. Our client suffered a serious injury to his leg that required surgery and left him unable to drive trucks. Ultimately the case was settled at a mediation for $4,000,000. The case was handled by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein and Trial Attorney Brian Acard.