$2.25 Million : Obstetric Malpractice During Delivery Settles Prior to Trial

During a normal vaginal delivery, it is not uncommon for there to be tears in the perineum. OBGYN’s are trained to examine the severity of the tear and take appropriate action. A proper post-delivery examination is more than a visual inspection because internal tears cannot be seen. Unfortunately, our client’s doctor performed only a visual exam and failed to diagnose that the tears extended to our client’s sphincter. As a result, the physician did not properly suture the tear leading to significant on-going problems. The case was brought in Poughkeepsie in the Supreme Court in Dutchess County. Just prior to trial the negligent doctor consented to the insurance company offering $2,250,000 of the available $2,300,000 available insurance policy. The case was handled by Trial Attorney Jeff Brody.