$1.25 Million Settlement : Side Swipe

When turning left onto a four-lane road, a driver failed to turn into the center lane as required.  Instead, the turning driver drifted across the lanes of travel and sideswiped our 80-year-old client who had just made a right on red. The defense tried to blame our client, but a jury saw right through it. At trial we showed how the left turning driver violated four sections of the Vehicle and Traffic law while our client did nothing wrong. The jury found the left turning driver 100% responsible for the crash. As a result of the sideswipe crash, our client’s head struck the driver’s window.  He was dazed at the scene, was taken to the emergency room where he was released a few hours later with some Tylenol for his headache. The headache remained every day, and a week after the crash our client collapsed from the blood clot that had formed on his brain.  Immediate brain surgery was performed, and the blood clot was evacuated. The case settled for the full amount of available insurance, $1,250,000.  The case was handled by Trial Attorney Michael Feldman and Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein.