$100,000 Arbitration Award : Washingtonville, NY Car Crash Victim

While driving on Route 208 in Blooming Grove, a distracted driver did not see the traffic slowing in front of her.  Without braking at all, she crashed into the rear of our client who was slowing with the traffic ahead.  Our 53 year old clients neck snapped back and her right knee slammed into the center consol.  Initially she thought the pain would go away but it gradually got worse and worse.   The knee injury required arthroscopic surgery.  The distracted drivers insurance company refused to offer more than $45,000 of the $100,000 policy.  We recommended the offer be rejected and agreed to a binding arbitration.   After a full hearing where our client had the opportunity to describe the impact on her life, the arbitrator awarded $100,000.  The arbitration was handled by trial attorney Jonathan Engle.