Veterans Benefits Abbreviations

A&A — Aid and Attendance
AAO — Assistant Adjudication Officer
AGG — Aggravated in Service
AO — Adjudication Officer or Agent Orange
AOJ — Agency of Original Jurisdiction
APA — Administrative Procedures Act
AR — Army Regulation
AWOL — Absence Without Official Leave
BCD — Bad Conduct Discharge
BCMR — Board for Correction of Military Records
BCNR — Board for Correction of Naval Records
BVA — Board of Veterans’ Appeals
C-file — Claims file
CAVC — U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims
CBD — Chief Benefits Director
C&C — Confirmed and Continued (Type of Rating Decision)
C.F.R. — Code of Federal Regulations
CMD — Chief Medical Director
COLA — Cost-of-Living Adjustment
Comp. — Compensation
C&P — Compensation and Pension
DC or DX — Diagnostic Code
DD — Dishonorable Discharge
DEA — Dependents’ Educational Assistance
DIC — Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
DOD — Department of Defense
DRB — Discharge Review Board
DSM IV — Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed.)
DVA — Department of Veterans Affairs
EAD — Entry on Active Duty
EOD — Entry on Duty
ETS — Expiration of Term of Service
EVR — Eligibility Verification Report
FOIA — Freedom of Information Act
GAO — General Accounting Office
GC — General Counsel
GD — General Discharge
HB — Housebound
HD — Honorable Discharge
HO — Hearing Officer
IME — Independent Medical Expert
INC — Incurred in Service
IU — Individual Unemployability
IVAP — Income for VA Purposes
LOD — Line of Duty
MAPR — Maximum Annual Pension Rate
NA — National Archives
NOA — Notice of Appeal
NOD — Notice of Death or Notice of Disagreement
NPRC — National Personnel Records Center
NSC — Non Service-connected
NSLI — National Service Life Insurance
NSO — National Service Officer
NVLSP — National Veterans Legal Services Program
OGC — Office of the General Counsel (VA)
OMPF — Official Military Personnel File
OPC — Outpatient Clinic
Op. G.C. — Opinion of the General Counsel
OPT — Outpatient Treatment
Pen. — Pension
PL/P.L. — Public Law
POA — Power of Attorney
POW — Prisoner of War
PT — Permanent Total Disability
PTSD — Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
RAD — Release from Active Duty
RE code — Reenlistment Code
REPS — Restored Entitlement Program for Survivors
RI — Rating Increase
RPC — Records Processing Center (St.Louis)
SC — Service-connected
SDN — Separation Designation Number
SDRP — Special Discharge Review Program
SF — Standard Form
SMC — Special Monthly Compensation
SMIB — Supplementary Medical Insurance Benefit
SMP — Special Monthly Pension
SMR — Service Medical Record
SOC — Statement of the Case
SPCM — Special Court-Martial
SRD — Schedule for Rating Disabilities
SSA — Social Security Administration
SSDI — Social Security Disability Income
SSI — Supplemental Security Income
SSOC — Supplemental Statement of the Case
UCMJ — Uniform Code of Military justice
UD — Undesirable Discharge
UOTHC — (Discharge) Under Other Than Honorable Conditions
U.S.C.S. — United States Code Service
U.S.C.A. — United States Code Annotated
VA — Department of Veterans Affairs (also used for old Veterans Administration)
VACO — VA Central Office
VACOLS — Veterans Appeals Control and Locator System
VAMC — VA Medical Center
VAOPC — VA Outpatient Clinic
VAR — VA Regulation
VARO — VA Regional Office
VBA — Veterans Benefits Administration
VEAP — Veterans’ Education Assistance Program
VGLI — Veterans’ Group Life Insurance
VHA — Veterans’ Health Administration
VSO — Veterans’ Service Organization