Victoria Leib Lightcap

Victoria Leib Lightcap

Personal Injury | Partner

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Boston College, B.A.
Syracuse University, J.D.


New York
United States District Court
Northern District of New York
United States Supreme Court

Winning Case Highlights

$5,315,000 Million Settlement

After firing one of their drivers two times for speeding, a trucking company re-hired the same driver because the trucking company only makes money when their trucks are on the road.

$2,850,000.00 Million Settlement: Drunk Driving / Automobile Collision

A drunk driver crossed over a double yellow line and crashed head-on into our client’s car. Trial Attorney Victoria Leib Lightcap was able to settle this case for a total of $2,850,000.

$2,700,000.00 Million Settlement: Workplace Accident

After a tool fell and struck our client in the shoulder, he was unable to work again in the construction industry following multiple surgeries. The case was settled just prior to trial by Trial Partner Victoria Lightcap.

$2,000,000.00 Million Settlement: Negligence on School Trip

Trial Partner Victoria Lightcap settled a negligence case in which our client lost her eye in a preventable incident on a school trip.

$1,900,000 Settlement: Excavator On Construction Site Flips, Killing Operator

Excavation work on construction sites is dangerous work. While using a construction roller during the preliminary phase of an excavation area in Rochester New York in preparation to build an apartment building, our client’s equipment was required to drive on a slope.

$700,000.00 Settlement – Gas Terminal Fails to Remove Ice

In addition to getting the Workers’ Compensation carrier to waive their nearly $250,000 lien, we were able to obtain a $700,000 settlement.

Ms. Lightcap is involved in many community activities.  She is the Chair for the Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee for the Fayetteville Manlius School District, serves on the Town of Pompey Wind Energy Advisory Committee, which is working on drafting a law for the town regarding regulations for small wind energy conversion systems.   She is very involved in local politics and is currently the Chair for the Town of Pompey Democratic Committee.  Ms. Lightcap is also on the Joint Fire District Advisory Committee, which is a group of residents, town and village officials that are preparing and reviewing RFP’s regarding potential joint fire districts.