Chris Camastro | Trial Attorney


Areas of Practice – Personal Injury
Education – Pace University B.A., Pace University J.D.

Chris Camastro received his B.A. in American studies, and later his J.D., from Pace University. He passed the Bar Exams in both New York and New Jersey in 2014. Chris has worked in various different areas of law, including litigation, transactional, investigative, and criminal.

Recent Case Results:

$525,00 Settlement, Distracted Walking by Grocer- Customer Pays the Price: Supermarkets are busy places. Aisles filled with shopping carts, kids, shoppers and extra product making the aisles smaller than they need to be. No one knows this more than the grocers in the store. That is why our client knew she needed to hold the grocer accountable for looking to his right while walking left, knocking her down and falling on top of her. Our 62 year old client suffered a broken leg and needed surgery to install a metal rod to stabilize the bone. Although the store initially denied any responsibility, this case was ultimately settled prior to trial for $525,000.

$100,000 Settlement, Speed Causes Crash At Rest Stop- Entering a rest stop off a highway must be done with care. As soon as a driver leaves the highway they must immediately reduce their speed. A 16-year-old driver entering the Palisades Parkway visitor center failed to slow down and as a result crashed into our client, causing significant injuries. Read more.

$100,000- Reckless Driver Causes Side Swipe Crash- The Palisades Parkway is a multi-lane highway utilized by school buses, commuters, big rigs, and motorcyclists. When drivers on busy roads like the Palisades Parkway act recklessly, the consequences can be devastating. Our client was traveling on the Palisades Parkway in Orangetown, New Jersey when she was suddenly side-swiped by a driver attempting to cut into her lane. Read more.

$100,000 – Careless Newburgh Driver Held Accountable – Our client was severely injured when a Newburgh man backed out of his driveway in such a rush that he didn’t even look behind him. He backed up directly into our client who was parked nearby. Had the other driver taken just a moment to check behind him, as all reasonable and responsible drivers do, the crash never would have happened. Read more.