Last week we had the pleasure of joining the Vail's Gate STEAM Academy monthly tea party, hosted in the school library for 5th grade students. The monthly tea party gives students a chance to practice important life skills.

A big thank you to Mrs.Gilligan for the invitation, and to volunteers Ms.Patricia Gilligan and Ms.Sharon Reynolds for the delicious pastries and conversation.

The State of New York has asked residents to help prevent dangerous wildfires throughout the Spring season. A statewide residential brush burning ban is in effect now through May 14th.

According to experts dry, warm conditions with gusty winds increase the risk of wildfires.

Many occupations require at least occasional on the job driving, which experts say could increase the likelihood of dangerous driving behaviors. “One study showed drivers at work were more likely to be in a hurry to reach their destination, think about work, be tired, or use a cell phone.” –The Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Because we understand the stress and anxiety that often accompanies personal injury, the injury attorneys at Finkelstein Partners and our dedicated legal team make it a top priority to keep our clients informed every step of the way. Lisa, a Finkelstein & Partners client, shares her experience with the firm below: