Do you speed, text, or follow too closely to other vehicles? If they answer is ‘yes’ than beginning today make a commitment to become a safe driver. This week law enforcement officers are expected to be on the lookout for dangerous driving behavior.

A recent survey found that 27% (more than 1 in 4) of the vehicles for sale at CarMax, the nation’s largest retailer of used cars, had a dangerous unrepaired safety recall. 


A reoccurring theme in instances of nursing home abuse and neglect include a lack of accountability. Nursing home residents often fall victim to abuse or neglect in part because they are physically or mentally unable to report that the abuse occurred. Worse, an audit recently released by the New York State Office of the State Comptroller Thomas P.

Young man in thinking

Each year more than a million traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases are reported in the United States. While the term TBI is most often associated with sports-related injuries (football players are especially prone to sustaining TBIs), most TBIs are caused during every day events. The leading cause of TBI is fall down accidents, followed by motor vehicle accidents.

Hudson Valley Hikers

A big thank you to Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail project partners for your efforts in enhancing and preserving the safety of local hiking trails. A recent announcement outlined plans to implement critical safety upgrades on and around Breakneck Ridge, a popular hiking destination in the Beacon/Cold Spring area.